Bradford Environmental Action Trust

Jacob Silver

WRF landowner engagement partner

BEAT (Bradford Environmental Action Trust) works all over Yorkshire and the Humber and is currently the only dedicated tree planting charity in Bradford.

We were set up in 1998 and have been running a variety of environmental projects with the community ever since, with a focus on woodland creation and management.

Our most successful project to date has been the Forest of Bradford project, aiming to plant one million trees in the district. Currently we are at over 700,000.

We are part of the White Rose Forest because we believe it is important to work alongside and in partnership with groups that have similar goals that will bring about effective and successful environmental change on our doorstep.

BEAT is a dynamic, forward thinking charity, working actively with its local community to address the environmental challenge. Working with individuals, schools, businesses and other organisations, we deliver innovative and practical environmental projects which contribute to a sustainable future.

I have been brought up in and around Bradford and I am really excited to be involved in making positive environmental changes to the place that I live.