Working in Partnership

The organisations below support the White Rose Forest under a joint venture agreement. Working alongside a core delivery team, the White Rose Forest partnership work together to plant new woodland across North and West Yorkshire.
Aire River Trust logo

The Aire Rivers Trust are interested in promoting and delivering tree planting in our catchment as trees, especially riparian trees, are a vital contribution to the health of our rivers. They contribute to both managing flows and improving water quality and the overall ecology of our watercourses both large and small.

Calderdale Council logo

Calderdale Council strongly values being part of the White Rose Forest. We firmly believe that partnership working helps to ensure that woodland planting is delivered effectively and according to good practice.

Colne Valley Tree Society logo

The support that White Rose Forest has given the Colne Valley Tree Society in recent years has enabled a small voluntary group like ours to increase its capacity and punch above our weight in terms of increasing tree cover in our area. The White Rose Forest isn’t just an important strategic body, partnership brings us irreplaceable practical benefits and contacts.

Forest Carbon logo

Forest Carbon supports the White Rose Forest because it is a brilliant example of a community-led vision to kick-start woodland creation at a landscape scale. Only by securing landowner buy-in across entire regions will we meet the challenges posed by the climate and ecological crises, and that is exactly what the White Rose Forest has set out to do.

Harrogate Borough Council logo

Harrogate Borough Council is proud to be in partnership with the White Rose Forest to enable greater cross council working whilst improving the tree canopy coverage and biodiversity in our local area. We are working on identifying areas for tree planting across the district on both council land and in private ownership to help combat climate change and to increase the diversity of spaces available for residents and visitors to enjoy.

The National Trust logo

The National Trust is working as part of the White Rose Forest partnership to help deliver woodland creation at scale on National Trust and Yorkshire Water land across Yorkshire. This will help us to reduce our carbon footprint and slow the flow of water across our lands.

PATT Foundation logo image

PATT Foundation. As a tree-planting organisation our main strategic aim is reforestation, which aligns with the White Rose Forest ambitions to create a well-wooded landscape in North and West Yorkshire.

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) logo

The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) connects people and green spaces to deliver lasting outcomes for both. We are part of the White Rose Forest partnership because we want to encourage the local community to learn about the forest and become TCV volunteers who are actively involved in planting trees, improving the natural environment, and care for the forest for years to come.

 Treesponsibility logo

Based in the Upper Calder Valley, Treesponsibility is a not-for-profit community group formed in 1998 to communicate the need for action on climate change. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, Treesponsibility plants 20,000 trees each year. Treesponsibility has pioneered natural flood management in the Calder Valley and, since the floods of June 2000, has advocated the role trees play in flood risk mitigation.

Westwood Landscapes Ltd logo

Westwood Landscapes Ltd are Chartered Landscape Architects with specialist experience in woodland creation projects including landscape appraisal, design and contract management. We have worked closely with several of the White Rose Forest members, particularly the Woodland Trust, for the past 12 years.

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust logo

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust is a small charity doing big things to support the people, landscape and wildlife of the Dales. YDMT has been restoring native woodlands since 1997 and has planted 1.6million trees across the Dales, Nidderdale and the Forest of Bowland. We are passionate about creating habitats that can sustain hundreds of species of wildlife, help to tackle climate change and enrich the language for future generations to enjoy.

Zero Carbon Harrogate logo

Zero Carbon Harrogate. The UK, along with many other countries around the world, is addressing both the causes and effects of climate breakdown, and a key part of winning this existential struggle is resilient ecosystem services on which all life is dependent. We have low woodland cover in the UK and one of the most nature depleted landscapes in the world, so a key aspect of nature recovery here is increasing woodland cover through great initiatives like the White Rose Forest.

Baildon Tree Partnership logo

The Baildon Tree Partnership is a small community based organisation run and supported by volunteers, that is working to increase tree cover and biodiversity in the Baildon area. We are pleased to support and be in partnership with the White Rose Forest as this enables us to connect with the wider tree planting community as well as providing us with access to relevant expertise and resources.

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council logo

The White Rose Forest is hugely important in supporting us, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council to achieve our tree planting goals: to increase the number of trees in our district and across the whole region which has huge benefits for the climate and everyone’s wellbeing.

The Community Forest Trust logo

The Community Forest Trust is the national champion for community forests in England and is helping to grow the White Rose Forest in Yorkshire.

The Forestry Commission logo

The Forestry Commission is the Government’s forestry experts, responsible for working with landowners and managers, businesses, and local communities to protect, improve and expand woodlands throughout England. We provide expertise and advice, develop partnerships with others, offer incentives and enforce regulations.

Kirklees Council logo

Kirklees Council is committed to supporting the White Rose Forest in North and West Yorkshire and has taken a leadership role as the accountable body for the partnership. Tree planting is a key part of our vision to make Kirklees carbon neutral by 2038 and we have ambitious plans to plant 2500 hectares by 2050.

Natural England logo

Natural England has been an advocate of the White Rose Forest for many years. It is our aim to work with local partners to support a better natural environment, through building partnerships for nature recovery. Always seeking to achieve ‘the right tree, in the right place’.

River Holme Connections logo

River Holme Connections supports the White Rose Forest because we share common goals- carbon sequestration, improving biodiversity and enhancing natural flood management.

Tilhill logo

Tilhill as the UK’s leading forest management company welcomes the opportunity to work in partnership with the White Rose Forest and member organisations in helping to deliver woodland creation, from conception to completion, throughout the project area. We have the skills, experience, knowledge and resources to bring woodland projects to life; contributing to biodiversity enhancement, improving water quality and reducing flood risk, increasing carbon sequestration, creating resilient habitats and providing a sense of place for people.

United Bank of Carbon logo

United Bank of Carbon supports tree planting and forest restoration in the UK and globally by building and communicating scientific evidence around the role of trees and woodlands in sustainable development. United Bank of Carbon are proud to work in partnership with the White Rose Forest and its member organisations to achieve these goals in West and North Yorkshire.

The Woodland Trust logo

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity and is working in partnership with the White Rose Forest and other community forests to deliver the new Northern forest, an ambitious plan to plant 50 million trees across the north of England.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority logo

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority has a strategic aim that trees and woodlands in the Yorkshire Dales will: contribute significantly to a carbon net zero National Park, enable habitat connectivity, improve water quality and reduce flooding, in a way that enhances the landscape and special qualities of the area, provide health and amenity benefits to people, and be economic for landowners. The White Rose Forest is one of the important partnerships that will help us to achieve this aim.

Bradford Environmental Action Trust logo

Bradford Environmental Action Trust supports the White Rose forest as they help us to achieve our goals of increasing the tree cover in Bradford by 1 million trees. This helps to reduce Bradford’s carbon output and improve access to nature to everyone across the district.

City of York Council logo

City of York Council is a member of the White Rose Forest partnership to drive an increase in tree coverage across the city and through this improve access to green space to citizens, enhance wildlife habitats and biodiversity and address climate change through carbon sequestration.

Craven District Council logo

Craven District Council joined the partnership to help enhance the environment. At approximately 5% our landscape in Craven has amongst the lowest tree canopy cover in the UK and we look forward to increasing this and enjoying the many benefits it will bring.

Groundwork logo

Groundwork has been working with communities for over 30 years to deliver our mission of Changing Places and Changing Lives. Our work has always recognised the vital importance of place, to people and communities. From its inception we have seen the White Rose Forest partnership as a great way to work with and alongside partners to deliver projects and programmes at a scale that makes a difference regionally, nationally and locally at a community level.

Leeds City Council logo

Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and set the target to become a carbon neutral city by 2030. The White Rose Forest Strategy for Leeds has set the target of increasing tree cover from 17% to 33% by 2050 and will ensure that no household in Leeds is further than 500m from wooded spaces. This will include planting 5.8 million trees on our own land through the Woodland Creation scheme. There are many opportunities to get involved in tree planting in Leeds through volunteering, sponsorship or identifying land to plant on.

North Yorkshire County Council logo

North Yorkshire County Council is working with the White Rose Forest to increase woodland and forestry cover where appropriate in North Yorkshire in order to maximise benefit to residents and the environment through increasing flood alleviation, carbon sequestration, air quality, wildlife and creating new economic opportunities.

Selby District Council logo

Selby District Council has set up a Low Carbon Working Group to develop a new Low Carbon Action Plan. This includes a commitment to introduce a programme of tree planting on Council and other land and work with communities, residents, businesses, and key landowners to encourage tree planting across the District. The White Rose Forest partnership will be a key delivery partner to help off-set the Council’s own direct and indirect carbon emissions and help address the districts wider carbon footprint.

Trees for Cities logo

As a community tree-planting organisation Trees for Cities is proud to support the White Rose Forest by bringing the multiple benefits of urban trees to North and West Yorkshire. Together, we hope to enable and inspire a new movement of individuals and communities to increase tree cover across the area and deliver transformational greening in our towns and cities for today’s and future generations.

Wakefield Council logo

Wakefield Council is a committed member of the White Rose Forest partnership. Our Climate Change Action Plan was approved by Cabinet in September 2020 and shared our ambitious initiative to plant 480,000 trees on Council owned land in the district by 2025. We believe that supporting the partnership not only helps with carbon sequestration but brings a host of benefits for the natural environment as well as contributing to the health and wellbeing of our residents.

YORgreenCIC logo

YORgreenCIC is a partner organisation and keen supporter of the White Rose Forest. The White Rose Forest community led, partnership approach to increasing woodland cover matches our own aims very closely.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust logo

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust recognises the important role that well planned and properly designed tree planting can play in helping to address the climate and ecological emergencies, including alleviating the devastating effects of flooding. We are proud to be a partner of the White Rose Forest in its efforts to identify opportunities for appropriate tree planting and bring them to fruition in our region.