Plant trees

on your land

The White Rose Forest team is available to support landowners and their agents to develop tree planting and woodland creation projects across West and North Yorkshire.

Support is free and our expert project managers can guide your project from an initial plan or idea, through the White Rose Forest Delivery Pathway to delivery on the ground.

We can provide any additional support you require by accessing the wide range of technical and professional expertise that exists across the White Rose Forest partnership. We may also be able to provide financial support for you to do some of the work yourselves.

White Rose Forest delivery pathway illustration

We can support your project through:

  • Planning and design: we support a multi-disciplinary approach to designing new woodlands to achieve your objectives and maximise wider benefits to society. We will ensure that the right trees are planted in the right places.
  • Engagement with stakeholders: part of a well-designed woodland is seeking the advice and approval of a range of statutory and local stakeholders. We can support this engagement process.
  • Forestry regulations: regulatory approvals may be required for your project, depending on the scale and location. We will work with you and the relevant authorities to gain any necessary permissions needed for your project to become a reality.
  • Funding: there is currently a range of funding options available to support tree and woodland planting across West and North Yorkshire. We can work with you and the White Rose Forest Funders’ Group to match you with the funding option(s) that best suit your requirements. We will also help you with any applications you need to submit.
  • Delivery: if you need help in delivering your project on the ground we can work with the wider White Rose Forest partnership to source not only the trees and materials you need, but also the resources needed to plant the trees. This can include working with local community and volunteer groups.
  • Future management & maintenance: to ensure your woodland delivers the benefits identified we will look wherever possible to create a further package of support and guidance.

At the end of the White Rose Forest Delivery Pathway process you will have a well-designed, suitably funded new woodland.

If you are interested in seeing how the White Rose Forest can help you achieve this please contact us.