Landscapes for water

Trees are a powerful natural flood management tool that, when planted in the right places, can over time help slow the flow of water into rivers and reduce the risk of major flooding events for communities further downstream. Our Landscapes for Water programme focuses on the strategic use of trees to help protect communities in North and West Yorkshire from flooding. Planting trees along our river corridors can also improve biodiversity, improve water quality and help protect riverbanks.
Landscapes for Water image

To deliver the Landscapes for Water programme we work closely with the Environment Agency and local White Rose Forest partners to identify the best places for new woodland creation that will help reduce flood risk. We then work with our partners to engage with local landowners to secure land for planting.

We work in three important priority river valleys or catchments in North and West Yorkshire: the Aire catchment, the Calder catchment, and the Swale, Ure, Nidd and Ouse (SUNO) catchment.

The Aire River
We are currently working with landowners within all our priority river catchments to plant trees that will soak up surface water, prevent flooding further down stream, and protect river banks.