Join us to collect acorns near Harrogate or Ripon in October

30 September 2022

The White Rose Forest and partner organisation Kindlewoods CIC are looking for volunteers to join acorn collection events at Hookstone Woods near Harrogate and Newby Hall near Ripon on the 6th and 8th October.

The aim is to collect many thousands of acorns from ancient and veteran oak trees that will then be grown into saplings at the Arium in Leeds. The saplings will then be planted locally to support the restoration of oak woodland within the White Rose Forest and ensure the genetic legacy of these important trees.

Kindlewoods, a woodland social enterprise based in North Yorkshire, is hosting three events at Hookstone Woods and Newby Hall on the 6th and 8th October. For further information and to register your interest in attending please book a place via their website:

Ancient and Veteran Oak Trees
Ancient trees are like miniature nature reserves in themselves. One ancient oak has more biodiversity than 1000 one hundred-year-old trees. Ancient and Veteran trees provide an important genetic legacy in that they have resilience to environmental change as well as being well adapted to the local landscape. 

What is classed as ancient varies for each tree species. Typically, a veteran oak is considered to be between 150-300 years old, and an ancient oak over 400 years old. You can spot an ancient oak through it’s characteristics; the trunk will often have a girth of more than 6 metres, there will be large cavities in the trunk, bark loss and a lot of dead wood in the canopy. For more information visit the Woodland Trust’s Ancient Tree Inventory.