Green Streets®

The Green Streets® programme focusses on urban tree planting and aims to improve air quality, make our urban spaces more attractive for businesses and investment, and encourage the uptake of active travel. The programme looks to integrate more natural and semi-natural areas, such as water bodies and green wooded spaces (green and blue infrastructure), into transportation and urban design in North and West Yorkshire.

Imagine living in a community where the main roads are lined with trees, groves of trees are dotted throughout the urban space, cycling infrastructure links up and takes pedestrian-commuters through parks and ecological corridors, and wildlife has more habitat and space to thrive. These are the Green Streets® principles in action.

Urban tree planting

Fundamentally the Green Streets® programme aims to create a greener and healthier environment for us all in our towns and cities.

The Green Streets® programme will plant trees in urban areas that:

Improve our air quality

Provide better access to green spaces for residents and workers

Capture and store rainwater and reduce the impact of surface water flooding

Create a barrier between pedestrians, cycle routes, and traffic to make people feel safer next to busy roads

Provide important habitats for wildlife

Improve the visual appeal of the urban environment

Enhance key transportation networks

Leeds city centre
Please get in touch to find out more about our Green Streets® projects in North and West Yorkshire